I specialize in supporting people in engaging in conversations that they want to have but are not having. I have witnessed that human beings suffer in those areas where they are unable to be in conversation. Whether it's a conversation between and a manager and their direct reports, between a husband and wife, or with a person and him or herself. In my coaching methodology I work on developing deeper levels of trust and safety with you in order to facilitate the conversations that are wanting to be expressed.

My methodology approaches the person from the perspective of coherence. By this I mean that a person's body, emotions and language all combine to create a coherent whole. By making distinctions in any one of these domains we can affect the whole. More importantly, by affecting all three domains simultaneously, we together can impact more fully and completly the changes that you are wanting to achieve.


In the linguistic or language domain we might look at:

What requests are you still waiting to make?

What would your life be like if you made those requests?

What conversation are you having with yourself that is stopping you?

What promises do you need to renegotiate, complete, forgive?


In the emotional domain we might examine:

What mood or emotion is present when you think about making a long avoided request? What need or value of yours is not being met which is leading to this current emotion?


In the domain of the body we might focus on:

What shape do you take when confronted with making this request?

What is your habitual stance?

How might you shift your body to more fully engage with your request?


Each person and situation is unique so I tailor our coaching engagements to your uniqueness.