Executive Coaching

In today's complex business environment it takes more than a good business plan to be effective. Business leaders must be able to create an environment in which people want to work. This is done by having a clear, compelling vision, being able to articulate it, and having the personal presence and emotional awareness to facilitate the realization of that vision.

In executive coaching programs we first come to agreement on success criteria. Then we highlight what is working well, and continue to build on and develop those strengths, while we work on the areas that need development.

Due to the uniqueness of each executive and their different learning styles, I tailor my programs to fit the person. Most programs include face-to-face and telephone coaching, reading and writing assignments and, where appropriate, personal development practices to enhance executive presence or emotional awareness. The coaching ends with a review of the success criteria and a declaration of satisfaction by the client and the coach..

In executive coaching Iwork with you on a range of issues:

-- Executive presence

-- Advancement and exiting transitions

-- Emotional Intelligence

-- Influencing without authority

-- Conflict management

-- Strategic thinking

-- Developing and maintaining trust


Minimal criteria for success in executive coaching are:

-- A desire to learn

-- An openness to not knowing

-- A willingness to be coached

-- Boldness


Personal Coaching

In personal coaching I use the same methods as in our executive coaching only our focus is on personal challenges. I focus our work in one of three areas.

-- Resolving a current or recurring issue

-- Develop a new skill or attribute

-- Increasing your capacity with an existing skill or attribute

This requires a deep level of trust, honesty and openness.


Some benefits of personal coaching:

-- Increased self connection

-- Greater capacity to act

-- Clearer sense of purpose and meaning

-- Deeper and more satisfying relationships

-- Greater ability to set and maintain boundaries


Coaching Coaches

Part of being a great coach is learning new ways to be in service to your clients. Within Watkins & Associates, I bring a wealth of experience to develop your coaching skills. Our background in somatic, emotional and ontological coaching will enable you to develop skills that will make you a much more effective coach. Whether you are brand new to coaching or you have a developed practice, we can assist you in being of greater service to your clients


Coaches come away with:

-- Increased somatic awareness and skills

-- Greater capacity for empathy

-- An ability to work more effectively with clients' emotions.


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