Starting in 2000, I engaged Curtis Watkins
as an Executive and Life Coach.

Up until December of 2003, I was Chief Executive Officer of United American Energy Corp. (UAE), which I founded in 1980. In 1999 we commenced an ownership and financial reorganization program to accommodate rapid corporate growth in a rapidly expanding marketplace. As a result, I became subject to new and demanding dynamics as CEO of the company. I needed an improved stress management program, other personal life style changes and a reorientation of my strategic planning activities and capabilities given the company's rapid growth objectives.

Due to the above mentioned challenges, I searched for a highly capable Executive and Life Coach and retained Curtis Watkins for this important task.

Curtis did an outstanding job in helping me through this process and period of personal life change. As an Executive Coach, he helped me focus on the tasks (which are not always obvious) in processing what I needed to do. On an emotional and spiritual level (the most difficult part) he navigated me through a series of shifts which were necessary in unlocking my inherent capabilities which theretofore I had been shutting out thus hampering my ability to excel and personally grow as CEO of the Company.

Curtis's approach was to get me to describe the problem and come up with the answers and solutions vs. his "telling" me what to do; his functionality was similar to coaching a high performing athlete who after the "time out" has to get in the game and "just go do it." Curtis did not "preach" and "tell me how to do what needed being done." While this coaching process took time, certain results started immediately and grew over time. The net outcome was, is and remains to be, very effective for me.

I highly recommend Curtis as an Executive and/or Life Coach to any and all people who are ready and need a real life growth experience and opportunity.

Best to you in that endeavor,

David Goodman


My work with Curtis has helped me evolve from rough hewn timber to a more refined craftsmanship.

Curtis' coaching has helped me with framing my core elements and defining future goals by teaching me about my own capabilities and how to communicate effectively to ensure success. This process has allowed me to live an authentic life each day, increasing my true self confidence. This self confidence and self-awareness has resulted in more meaningful personal relationships and allowed me to be a more productive contributor to the successes and challenges faced by my family and my company.

Though not easy work, a willing coachee will far surpass their own comprehension of achievement if they purposefully pursue coaching with Watkins and Associates.

It might sound a bit over the top, but it is sincere and doesn't really do our process true justice. The first or second time we met, one of your stated objectives of my coaching was to get my voice to be heard. Mine is being heard, by me, and by those around me. The circle of influence is growing steadily, and that feels really good.


Peter E. Wasmer

Senior Vice President
Somerset Capital Group, Ltd.


We are law firm which is really a personal services organization and Curtis understands how to motivate people.

We have consulted with him to help us analyze and solve challenging personnel issues in the workplace. Curtis offers sound practical advice which meets the needs of the organization but also treats individuals with courtesy, respect and understanding. We have brought him into situations where there have been tensions and clashes between individuals and he has devised approaches which everyone views as "win-win." How would I describe Curtis? Practical, savvy and incredibly bright.

Steven H. Davis

LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae LLP